Absolute Balderdash


Wild, wacky, hilarious fun. Lie through your teeth and end up a winner.

When you play Absolute Balderdash, the better you are at telling a fib or two, the more likely you are to win. This is the world-famous hilarious bluffing game where you try to "con" your opponents into believing your made-up answers to a weird and wonderful collection of Words, People, Initials, Films and Laws.

Absolute Balderdash positively encourages bluff and double-bluff as contestants pit their wits against one another, by dreaming up and writing down wild and wacky (or positively serious!) answers to the bizarrest of questions.

How would you define "twangdillo"? What is it unlawful to keep in Scottsbluff, Nebraska? (Real answers: The sound made by playing a ukulele and Snowballs in the icebox!)

The hilarity really starts when all these phoney answers are shuffled up with the correct one, and read aloud. Players then try to work out the right answer, and those whose made-up answers get picked score a move on the board. Just because an answer sounds right, it doesn't mean to say it is. Often, the most ridiculous ones turn out to be true. That's what makes Absolute Balderdash so different.

Absolute Balderdash is a fun-packed, brain teasing game for players age 12 and upwards. It will make a great present to play with friends and family--or for anyone who has a sense of humour, and doesn't mind telling a little lie or two.


  • Board game for two to 20+ players

  • Hilarious bluffing game.

  • Five brilliant bluffing categories (Words, People, Initials, Movies, Laws)

  • 2340 questions on 468 cards

  • Includes playing board, playing pieces and definition pad.

  • Ages 12 and over


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